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Team Efficiency

End-to-End Commitment to your success

We are founders, leaders and experts.After decades in the field, we understand what it takes to be successful.

Who we are

Why us

When we come in, we do not come as consultants.Your goals become ours, we put our skills and passion into achieving them.

We get it

We are a unique team of founders, executives and experts.

Having been in your shoes, we understand your challenges and how to overcome them.

We can adjust

We adjust to your needs.
Through our network of partners we can provide you with everything you need to achieve your goals.

Nothing more.

We focus on the outcome

We do not act politically.
We do not try to optimize our gains at your harm.

We believe we can succeed together.

What we do

Our Services

Our mission is to help with the design and implementation of lean and competitive operating models

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Defining the path to success

We provide advice and leadership to support your tech strategy.

We help you translate business goals into a roadmap and to align your company with them.

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Walking it

We help teams streamline and direct efforts from high level strategy down to the engineering practices that make the product stand out.

We bring in the hands-on technical experts your project requires: data & engineering leads, product people, best-in-class engineers and architects ready to come in and firmly drive execution.


Big shots

We are working with some of the biggest players and have taken responsibility for some of the most ambitious projects for them.

Our corporate clients trust us to run big projects harnessing our project management expertise and ability to put together teams quickly.

Our technical background ensures a good translation between the business and the technical part of the project.


Our core team

Zeile7 is more than strategic consultancy.
It is more than hands-on support in execution.

We analyse and identify your needs and we come in passionately to respond to them holistically.

We will do whatever necessary to make our clients successful.

We are generalist-specialists, founders and builders. We go out of our comfort zone to get the job done.

Meet the core team

Our latest projects

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