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End-to-End Commitment

We are founders, experienced managers and some of the best domain experts in technology and operations.
We come from Project Management (the big ones), Technology, Product, Data, Enterprise systems (CRM, ERP) and Executive Management.
After decades of experience, we understand what it takes to be truly successful.

When we come in, we do not behave like consultants. Your goals become our goals as well, and we put our hearts into the project.
We help you do a thorough assessment, develop a plan that will take you where you want to go,
execute it together with you and, enable you through workshops, coaching and training on the job.

we assess

We are experts in enriching Investors’ data rooms in due diligence processes. We know what to look for to ensure you put your money where the value is!
We help Ventures draft the right approach to communicating their value. We provide the scaffolding for a scalable fundraising strategy.
We help Teams streamline and direct efforts from high level strategy down to the engineering practices that make the product stand out.

When we support due diligence-processes, we are mindful of phases of ambition, growth potential and change.
We come in, thoroughly understand where you are and openly communicate what keeps you from going where you should be.
We help you identify your options and define your strategic plans and roadmaps.
What you will enjoy most about our services is that we make your ambitions actionable.

we execute

We do not stop with the assessment and reports.
Our preferred approach is to come in and drive things for you.

We have excellent experienced executive managers , marketing experts, data leads, product people, best-in-class engineers,
engineering leads and architects ready to come in and firmly drive and enable your execution.

we enable

We do not want you to become dependent on us.
Quite the opposite: we care a lot about enabling you to fly unattended.
This is our purpose from the first day on the project.
It is also the objective of our coaching, workshops and seminar services.

You are the one who knows your product best, and we want to keep you in the captain’s chair.
However, we know that it is helpful to have a partner to bounce ideas off when it comes to business strategy, market approach, product vision, development processes, staging strategy, continuous deployment,
whether agile is still right for you, whether you should acquire a company or not, etc.
We will provide you best practices, data-driven context and scenarios, in which you can test your thinking.

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