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End-to-End Commitment to your success

We are founders, experienced managers and domain experts in technology and operations. Our strengths are Technology, Data, Operations and Project Management. After decades in the field, we understand what it takes to be truly successful.

Who we are

Why talk to us

When we come in, we do not behave like consultants. Your goals become ours and we put our hearts into the project. We help you do a thorough assessment, develop a plan in common with the goals, execute it together with you and enable you on the job.


We are a unique team of founders, executives and tech leads offering design and integration of new operational models to help European innovators grow.


We bring you a flexible, scalable and solution-oriented taskforce delivering suitable best practices on demand.

Focus on the outcome

We do not act politically, we take responsibility and we support you to succeed.

Industry benchmark

Been in your position, we understand your challenges and we bridge innovation from the industry in a robust way, so you overcome them.

What we do

Our Services

Our mission is to help ambitious innovators scale by providing hands-on support, designing a lean and competitive operating model and implementing the strategy, while making them feel like we’re part of their team. Our services can target the strategy, the execution, the maintenance phase of your project, as well as all of them at the same time.

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Interim C-Level Executives

We provide technical leadership on demand to support the development of your tech strategy. Our Interim CTO, CPO and CDO resources help you translate business goals in a tech roadmap. We help draft the right approach to communicating your venture’s value and support a scalable fundraising strategy.

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Project Managers & Engineers

We help teams streamline and direct efforts from high level strategy down to the engineering practices that make the product stand out. We bring in the hands-on technical experts your project requires: data & engineering leads, product people, best-in-class engineers and architects ready to come in and firmly drive execution.

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Agile Coaches & Trainers

We do not want you to become dependent on us. Quite the opposite: we care a lot about enabling you to fly solo. This is our purpose from the first day on the project. It is also the objective of our coaching, workshops and seminar services. We will provide you best practices, data-driven context and scenarios, in which you can test your thinking.

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Tech Recruiters

We have set up teams from scratch when we were in executive roles. We use this knowledge of the watering holes in the industry, as well as our professional networks, to search and attract the best talent for your project.


Corporate clients

Our corporate clients trust us to run big projects harnessing our project management expertise and ability to put together teams quickly. Our technical background ensures a good translation between the business and the technical part of the project.

The know-how we have in spinning off new ventures from the ground up is enacted into a lean project approach and an agile execution, where it is good for success.

Our clients also call on us when roadmap development slows down, solving technical leadership issues. Our support with operational and technical mentorship helps avoid decline in productivity – and has rescued multiple running projects.


Our core team

Zeile7 does not provide (only) strategic consultancy. We do not (only) provide hands-on support in execution. We analyse and identify the needs of our client and we get in deeply and passionately to really answer to the companies needs. We will do whatever necessary to make our clients successful. Our people are generalist-specialists, founders and builders, who do not doubt to go outside their comfort zone to get the job done.

Meet the core team

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