We love big projects.

Integrated services

After years of leadership, management and consultancy we understand that our clients need integrated services. End to end. We provide these. By managing first-class consultants and agents. Plus, we maintain an excellent partner network.

Service overview

We support you with consulting on vision and ideation, through services in implementation to recruitment of permanent teams in manifestation.


We help by challenging, improving and validating your vision, ideas and business approach. Together, we break it down into ideas, develop a plan and put it into action.


We have excellent product people, best-in-class engineers, great engineering managers and architects. No matter whether you need help with product discovery, product management, architecture planning or implementation - we’ve got the right support at hand!


Sooner or later, you will want to “fly unattended” and grow your own teams. We understand that and we have the best tech recruiters ready at hand. PLUS, our CTO-Assessment is unparalleled – nothing beats the experience of people that have been in your shoes over and over again in the quest of finding the best available talent. We invest deeply in understanding and matching your needs.

Latest Posts

Don't ask for permission

Often people feel they are not empowered. In reality, you have more freedom to act than you think. Understanding this is your biggest lever to improve things for you, your team, your company. In order to be successful, you need to overstep boundaries.

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Level up your home office: My7 tips for more ergonomics

It’s not only the current pandemic, the trend for more remote work started already before. I began my journey to work from home in the beginning of 2020 and tried to create a great environment to work for myself, even without a classic office. Here are my 7 tips to get your home office to the next level.

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Culture - New Work Order

We consult all kinds of companies. But no matter what we do, how we create value for our customers, we are always involved in cultural matters. And in the end each gig involves an aspect of cultural change that we actively manage.

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