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Case Study Efficiency
A New Revenue Operations Tech Stack

A New RevOps Tech Stack

Our consultant entered as the Head of Tools and Efficiency owning the technology behind RevOps, as well as IT Administration and Procurement. The task was to define the agenda for the next three years: a robust roadmap to guide the units sitting in the intersection between Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Data and Engineering. The final goal was to achieve an efficient internal tooling environment supporting a scaling business. Up to this point, the client had established the Revenue organisation, some processes for tooling, as well as several units responsible for maintenance, procurement and administration of this environment. There was however no clear strategy of how these efforts delivered an integrated push to the scaling efforts and the strategy of the company. The client had realised the potential of such an approach and wanted to get there quickly - the deadline was three months. Our consultant defined the team, work culture and principles, roadmap and architecture, as well as the role of the ideal leader going forward.

Key Challenges

There were multiple teams working on the customer-facing tools. Their experience with tooling and their focus varied, leaving some performance gaps. The tech stack wasn’t reaching the expectations and the level of readiness in the organisation. There were tools that were not in use, but were being paid for, tasks that needed multiple tools to be completed, and processes without a support of a tool.

One major challenge was how to get the best return on investment for the different tools in use. We also wanted to make sure all processes had an easy and efficient reflection in technology. In other words, that customer-facing teams could do their tasks as effortlessly as possible. At the same time, working under the umbrella of Product, we had to keep the end customer in mind at all times – help them feel supported at every step of their journey. To achieve out cost targets, we had to achieve this with the minimum effort and cost. The short deadline meant getting buy-in from the stakeholders asap.

We aimed at the customer-facing tool environment that will best help us get to a strong revenue-to-cost ratio.



Our consultant was familiar with the issues experienced by the client and jumped in without an onboarding. A crucial step was to define the boundaries of a Tools and Efficiency function: Who should be involved? What would the teams be looking at?

This enabled the teams to feel empowered and accountable as well as see clear synergies between the different elements in the tool environment. This shifted their work towards proactivity and reduced reactive and siloed interventions. We also updated the tooling, making sure to keep only those applications that served a clear purpose and were able to deliver against their cost.

A similar approach was followed with the stakeholders – we delivered a broader understanding of their processes, how they interlinked with other stakeholders and how they were seen from a customer perspective.



  • Use cases for the different tools were extended.
  • Redundant tools were eliminated.
  • The tooling architecture took into account data flows and real-time use cases.
  • The roadmap envisioned work on exposing backend functionality in a more UI friendly way via tools, thus reducing the load on the main production engine.
  • Integration work was planned to enable passing actions across tools to enable easy handovers across teams.

Technologies used

About the author

Denitsa Schmidt

ex Zeile7 Coming with a PhD in International business and a law degree, she is a certified Salesforce admin and Scrum PO. Denitsa is expert for growth, expension, revenue as well as CRM & ERP systems

ex Zeile7 Coming with a PhD in International business and a law degree, she is a certified Salesforce admin and Scrum PO. Denitsa is expert for growth, expension, revenue as well as CRM & ERP systems

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