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Due Diligence, Strategy and M&A - getting ready to scale

Due Diligence, Strategy and M&A - getting ready to scale

We often support M&A and IPO/exit initiatives. Visable was one such project. Z7, together with engineers from our network, led the technical conception and implementation of a new search engine.

Key Challenges

It was necessary to validate the company’s tech strategy in the current market conditions. This would prepare the stage to update the strategy and define tactics for a potential merger.



Z7 carried out the assessment of the current strategy and market position. Scenarios related to M&A were developed and Z7 assessed candidates for acquisition, as well as the skill overlap between the merging teams. To build a clear path, we defined the target tech stack and architecture post-merger.

This led to a longer engagement where Henning from Z7 took the role of interim Director of Engineering and led the tech teams through the changes.



We concluded the engagement providing a permanent hire, ultimately leaving our client ready to achieve great results.

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