We at Zeile7 - as a company and as a team - care about sustainability. A lot. We see harnessing technology, making smart and efficient decisions as a rule not only in business, but in everything we do. Therefore, we take an active approach to environmental responsibility.

As a company, Zeile7 is low carbon by inception. We work from home, have plastic-free-whenever-possible purchasing guidelines, we work digitally and travel with electric vehicles when we have to. Our carbon neutral promise is further delivered through offsetting our team’s family footprints. We have decided against getting certified as carbon neutral, and instead put our efforts and funds towards worthwhile projects. Through Atmosfair and Plant for the Planet in 2021, for example, we offset 21.7 tonnes of carbon emissions with Better World projects, and we planted 500 trees in Madagascar (offsetting another 99.69 tonnes of emissions through their lifetime). In 2020, we planted 1304 trees in Tanzania with Plant for the Planet, offsetting 260 tonnes of carbon emissions. We put sustainability first in every decision we make as a Team and constantly look for ways to support worthwhile initiatives in this direction.

As individuals, we measure our carbon footprint (with this calculator) and make our individual efforts to reduce it, having energy efficient homes, working with electricity and heating companies we know are reliably sustainable, using ecosia search engine when possible and again - putting sustainability first in every decision we make as a individuals. We also volunteer our support for initiatives indirectly contributing to fighting climate change, such as those directed to gender equality and diversity, conservation efforts and sustainable agricultural practices.

Of course, it is not always possible to act in a perfectly carbon neutral way, but when it is - we are doing it.