Denitsa Schmidt

Denitsa Schmidt  

Growth + Expansion Consultant


Zeile7 - Growth and Expansion Consultant

Creating Data value streams, implementing CRM and ERP

Wind Mobility

Wind Mobility - Head of Sales Operations

Supported the internationalisation of the company in 6 territories. In charge of, internal tool architecture and the ERP. Implemented Odoo as ERP in three months.

Naspers Services (PayU)

Naspers Services (PayU) - Global Commercial Operations and BI Manager rollout for global operations in 18+ countries. Payment-specific process solutions. GDPR compliance implementation. Contract Lifecycle Management rollout. Data Warehouse, Windows 365 and HubSpot integrations. Global Commercial Operations SLA development and KPIs. Global Risk Assessment application development and rollout.


Rakuten - Global Ops Crossborder Trade Manager

Responsible for the development and implementation of the cross-border trade strategy. Created international teams tasked with local implementation of the cross-border strategy. Built relationships with potential traders, participate in development and analysis of merchant surveys. Engaged with EU Legal department to formulate a framework for CBT and implemented the legal framework in ops process and technology. Translated legal and operational requirements into Product design, documented backend and frontend feature requests and enhancements.


Groupon - Head of CRM Systems

Set up sales operations: implemented across China, hired and trained the team to run it, trained users and monitored adoption. Controlled efficiency of organisational processes.

Being Strategic about Product and Tech with Scenario Planning

How can you be strategic about the way you use data? How can you innovate and make sure you are resilient? How do we start talking about the way data can spearhead growth?

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M&As - 7 Things to Look Out For

Research (like that of Harvard Business Review), puts the chance of failure for a M&A between 70% and 90%. The stress levels of management and employees caught in M&As is through the roof. If you don’t want this to be your story, make your life easier by focusing on the key elements of success: and let us guide you through it.

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What do you want from your Salesforce Dashboards?

Dashboards are a must-have and a tool you (should) use daily. Everyone needs them, everyone wants them, not everyone benefits from having them done well. This post will not tell you to have your data cleaned up, to choose the right metrics, to gather requirements - I assume you already have this (if not - we are, of course, here to help!). This blog is about how to squeeze the best performance from your dashboards and the people who look at them.

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7 Things That Should Get You Fired

There is a lot written about what behaviour could result in someone being fired. This post is a bit different - it’s about seven examples which will not get us fired, but should. There are roughly three types of deadly work-sins: those that waste money, those that make you a legal liability, and those that slow down growth.

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The Path to a Lean and Lightweight Data Setup

Going from 0 to Data is easy when you have a clear goal and choose the shortest path to take you there.

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Why Your CRM Must Be Part Of Your Data Strategy

You want your data setup to work - reports are reliable, automation is easy, maybe even some predictions and machine learning can move your team to a new level. To borrow from Montessori: With a place for everything and everything in its place, every piece of data becomes part of an ordered environment. Thinking holistically helps you harness all your potential.

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