Henning Groß

Henning Groß  

Co-Founder and Advisor


Zeile7 - The jack of all trades

I do all the things here!


Egoditor - Interim Chief Technology Officer

I helped navigating an organically grown and successful company through a phase of massive growth.


Element - Co-Founder CTO

As a co-founder I helped build and grow ELEMENT from the very beginning. Together with the small initial team we layed the foundation for our innovative insurance company, spotted our talented team and grew an innovative and integrated organization with a healthy people and performance oriented culture. I worked on board level and as an executive manager I shaped all aspects of ELEMENT until the successful Series A financing round and stayed close until it was ready to succeed without me.


Bertelsman - Interim Chief Technology Officer

I ramped up the engineering org of a new venture focusing on data-driven product discovery in the field of media streaming. We created prototypes and concepts eventually resulting in a re-organization and change of strategy for the established units.

7 ways to kill your business (as a cto)

As an interim-CTO, consultant, coach and advisor I have a chance to work with a lot of companies. Being part of CTO-networks I hear about even more. I got gradually aware of a few dangerous patterns, which I saw repeatedly ever since I started my career. Sometimes, these technical management traps are unavoidable. Sometimes, the mistakes pile on top of each other and create a highly dysfunctional climate in organisations. This in turn causes smart people to struggle in their roles and shifts the path of the organisation away from actually creating value.

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Don't ask for permission

Often people feel they are not empowered. In reality, you have more freedom to act than you think. Understanding this is your biggest lever to improve things for you, your team, your company. In order to be successful, you need to overstep boundaries.

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Culture - New Work Order

We consult all kinds of companies. But no matter what we do, how we create value for our customers, we are always involved in cultural matters. And in the end each gig involves an aspect of cultural change that we actively manage.

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Culture: Brains and Passion, not Blood, Sweat and Tears

We believe, based on our experience and decades of research, that a certain type of culture provides higher productivity, more motivation, and more dedication than the classic ‘crunch-time’ culture.

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Handbook Of Manners: How To Behave In A Code Review

Code reviews are a common practice for knowledge distribution, learning and increasing quality - but do we perform them in a way that actually creates value?

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