Josef Auer

Josef Auer  

CTO for Hire


Zeile7 - CTO for Hire

Helping you evaluate your Architecture, hiring a tech team for you, building out your first product MVP, helping you grow and transform your delivery - All this you can expect from Josef

Iconic Finance

Iconic Finance - VP Technology

As VP Technology at Iconic Finance, I work across teams to shape not only the delivery process but the end-to-end Product lifecycle. Focussing on simple but effective changes allowed for on time, high quality, and in budget delivery of the first public version of the “Hey Money” app. As a team, we aim to ensure a high quality product delivery with up to date processes, tools and technologies. This includes definition of Best Practices in Infrastructure, Backend and Frontend development, including the introduction of BDD Product Lifecycle management, from ideation, story mapping, feature specification,to delivery and on-going operations.

BMW Group

BMW Group - Lead Special Projects

At BMW we established a new delivery and development model to revolutionise mobile development. Starting with a small team in Chicago we were quickly able to scale new processes and technologies over multiple geographies, across the US, Europe and China. This led to a complete rewrite and global launch of the “MyBMW” app with more than 300 engineers working to best practices. As a strong believer in the “API First”, I worked across the organization to share and coach the ways of working within the BMW Group.

PayU / Naspers

PayU / Naspers - Chief Architect

As an inaugural member of the Berlin PayU offices. I assisted in finding a suitable office location and facilities; hiring the full team from scratch, including designing and implementing the Product Development process, and worked across teams to implement these standards across the organization. From late 2016 I led the software development part of the “PayU Hub” – the global transformation project of PayU. In this role, I facilitated the efforts between multiple regions and teams within PayU but also from third parties. Coaching multiple teams in different locations was as much part of my role, working closely across the organization to lead towards a global way of working. While this included a lot of travel to the onsite locations I also manage remote teams from Berlin.


paysafecard - Lead Mobile Development

Working across the mobile team, enabling them to deliver our products in the best possible quality. During my time, I also worked to define the architecture and implemented our CI pipeline. Supporting the team in consistently achieving a high standard both in processes and product. My position also included helping the company to embrace a mobile first setup; including explaining and implementing the changes needed in IT, Product, Business teams, Marketing and Operations. - Master Coder Architect

I began at bwin in the Research department; my projects included mobile phones and technologies from the beginning. After the successful development and deployment of the first native real money live betting application for iOS I lead development as an architect for the mobile teams at bwin and for the sports betting area; consisting of the development, architectural guidance, and consulting of various mobile applications from backend to frontend. This included the setup of Agile methodologies, coaching the teams and finding solutions for specific issues in our workflow as well as working on our technical roadmap to continuous delivery. One of my main focuses was on setting up multiple mobile development teams in Europe (mainly in Austria, Ukraine and Romania), as well as part of the setup of our off-shoring capacity for bwin in Bengaluru, India.