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Zeile7’s team of experts specialised in helping companies optimise their operational processes offer webinars to share our knowledge and experience on the key topics we see in our work.

Our first webinars will focus on the topic of RevOps, which is relevant to businesses of all sizes and industries. RevOps stands for Revenue Operations and refers to the integration of sales, marketing and customer service into a single, common strategy to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

We believe that our expertise and experience in this area can be of great benefit to businesses of all sizes, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you in our upcoming webinars. We will keep you updated about the dates and titles of incoming webinars on our LinkedIn page.

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Our core team

Zeile7 does not provide (only) strategic consultancy. We do not (only) provide hands-on support in execution. We analyse and identify the needs of our client and we get in deeply and passionately to really answer to the companies needs. We will do whatever necessary to make our clients successful. Our people are generalist-specialists, founders and builders, who do not doubt to go outside their comfort zone to get the job done.

Meet the core team