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The Operating System behind Growth

Who we are

The next successful wave of innovation lies in bringing exceptional technical and operational leaders together with Europe’s ambitious innovators. Market leadership will be born by ingenuity in design and an adaptive operating system of excellence. Zeile7 are pioneers, accelerating innovators for scale.
We are experts who believe in the power of technology and care about quality of life. Our strength is execution – we drive innovation forward, we enable great ideas, we are the engine behind vision.
Be it how we engage with our clients and partners, the activities we enjoy or problems we solve with our colleagues, we want to make a positive impact on our clients, on the industry and on our planet and communities.


Our Mission

Z7 Mission is to scale the changemakers of tomorrow.
We embrace innovation and want to see it succeed. Understanding that its ingenuity is determined by visionaries who are given freedom and autonomy to investigate and create, test and iterate to turn ideas into products that change our everyday lives.


Our values

We have proven over and over again that strong humanistic values and healthy culture are not in conflict with delivery but an enabler for it. You deliver more without the Crunch culture.

Honesty & Transparency

We believe in openness and transparency in everything we do. This is how we help clients break down barriers between silos and generate more openness and effective working ties within and between teams. We are honest and transparent about our business practices and decisions. This helps us connect with our customers and partners to build a solid relationship.


Ingrained into our DNA, is a commitment to a climate positive future. We reduce our environmental impact and act, as people and professionals, for a healthier planet, happier teams and communities. We support social and environmental initiatives, stick to sustainable practices at home, at work and in the interaction with our clients.

Employee Satisfaction

Our employees are our most important asset. We believe that high employee satisfaction is necessary to build a successful business. We are committed to a supportive working environment that enables our people to reach their full potential. We ensure in our opportunities that they are happy, healthy and motivated.


We are defined by our know-how and expertise. We are committed to keeping this up to date and continuously invest in training for our people. Our experience in leadership roles allows us to synthesise the innovative with what we know works and cut through complexity to get our clients where they want to be. Every client is unique, our expertise helps us offer them unique solutions.

Meet our core team

We are founders, experienced managers and domain experts in technology and operations. Our expertise is Technology, Data, Operations and Project Management. After decades of experience, we understand what it takes to be truly successful.

Member Photo

Sven Bunge

Co-Founder + Expert for XL (IT) Projects

Sven is co-founder and managing director of Zeile Sieben. An experienced project, technical and engineering director with over 15 years experience in the field working with big name multinational media clients like Axel Springer, Bertelsmann and others.
He is trusted for leading, directing and managing highly sensitive and complex infrastructure projects, from concept, remodelling through to implementation, such as centralised unified data centre infrastructure projects, 3.5k digital workforce architecture and remodelling project and the launch of new multimedia networks, including BILD TV network. Sven Bunge is accredited with the ability to see projects from a strategic landscape, down to incremental detail to deliver at the highest level and in the leanest way possible to achieve scale. A natural leader with a tenacity for quality and competency for complexity, Sven is also sought after with strong partnerships joining him on the journey of Zeile Sieben.

Member Photo

Josef Auer

CTO to Hire

Born in Lower Austria, as a son of cook and restaurant owner, great food was always important to him. He enjoys eating cuisine from different cultures and kitchens and likes to cook himself. As long as meat is involved, he will probably try it.
He loves volleyball, which he started playing at the age of 12. Back then he joined a local team and played competitively in regional and national championships. After a series of injuries he had to stop playing regularly but still has a soft spot for the sport.
Travelling is his passion and he aims to experience as much of this planet as possible. Among the places he already has visited is Iceland, which he feels is the most beautiful country on this planet. He hopes after COVID there will be a push for more sustainable travel, including more remote work.
He recently got a Husky puppy and enjoys the soothing effect he has on him a bit more than the patience he teaches him.
In his professional life he focus on bringing Product and Tech closer together. Looking holistically at the end-to-end Product lifecycle he removes barriers between teams and departments. His experience has shown him well structured teams will deliver in their highest capacity. He enjoys researching technologies and applying them in the best fit for the problem given.

Member Photo

Henning Groß

Co-Founder + Expert for everything tech-companies

Henning is co-founder of Zeile Sieben. He has built companies like Element Insurance and Upday before and holds two decades of experience in the tech industry. He held interim Chief technical and lead engineering roles at multinational media giants Bertelsmann, AxelSpringer and other global knowns.